Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Pepper Bonanza

Well it didn't go quite as planned.
We did plant 48 peppers.
They certainly did produce well, this is only some of them. We had enough to eat all summer, plenty for the salsa we canned, and all of these for the freezer:

BUT ... our friend decided he didn't want them after all.
We ended up with 2 families worth of peppers.
Time to set up the production line and get to work!

The children traded off on the cutting and seeding then I did all the chopping. In the end we had 4 bags of 12 cups and one of 8, 56 cups of chopped peppers in all. I think we'll make it till next harvest on these! Well except the times we want fresh ones for veggie trays.

It is dead easy to scoop out a cupful for recipes as needed, no chopping required, and they don't wilt in the fridge between shopping days.

For the garden next year, this number of plants is good!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Local Soup Supper

I made a lovely soup yesterday for supper and served it with homemade bread. Tonight I served it again with a little tweaking. YUM.

Day One:

2 Quarts canned tomatoes, pureed (dh's)
1 small onion, minced (dh's)
3 cups cut up potatoes (mine)
3 cups sliced carrots (grandma's)
1 patty pan squash, peeled and seeded, cut up (dh's)
1 green zucchini, large shredded (mine)

and a sprinkling of seasoned salt from the store.

Day Two took the leftovers and added:

Another quart of tomatoes, pureed
1 lb. ground beef (Friend's cow)
1 cup green peppers, cut up (mine)
more onion (dh's)

and a sprinkle of chili powder with a bit more seasoned salt.

Both were really good and I would have added beans to the second night for a bit of a chili taste but we didn't grow any ... this year ;o)

Now if we just had some local cheese to go with it! I can't wait till Alpine cheese is open!