Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's planting....

Dabbling in the garden, still afraid of a frost so I'm taking it slowly.

Today I set out the seedlings for 4 different lettuces, 9 plants of each. I started these seeds in our greenhouse ~ yeah us ~ more from seed, less from commercial greenhouses. These are the start of the hopefully 10 lettuces I'm growing out for seed. So far we have:

.:blushing butter oakleaf:.
.:tom thumb mini-butterhead:.
.:great lakes 659:.
.:black-seeded simpson:.

They aren't ready for a photo shoot yet, so no pictures :o) I'm having a bit of a panic trying to figure out a garden layout that respects isolation distances and the reality of our urban lot. I think the herb patch is going to have to go as it makes rototilling very difficult, we'll see...

Meanwhile dh is very busy out in the market garden, I hear tell of beets, radishes, and watering systems for the soon to be planted tomatoes.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What a busy fall....

I just plain got too busy to post (and at times lazy, and other times too sick, can we say WOW wasn't that flu a DOOZY!). Canning, canning, canning, and drying and freezing, not to mention homeschooling and finishing my Community Library Training Program courses. I'm glad I found the photo daughter#2 took of the canning room, she wanted a visual to explain to her new big city school friends how strange her family/parents were. SCORE! Seems our Hummerless lifestyle is just plain odd, add our gardening, baking bread etc. and, 'wow, poor Jane, her folks are nuts.' is the verdict.

I had a few projects I should post about and I should direct your attention over to the blog about my new venture. All in good time ;o)

So for a visual of what's new here at the Urban Trowel is the addition of the Urban TRACTOR!!! Not a sight seen in many suburbs LOL! Dh's market garden has just gotten to the point where it is nuts trying to borrow a tractor every time he needs to use one. This is a big step on our way back to official farming.

I think he shouldn't store it at the garden, I think we need to build a carport for it here at the house. I think I need to starting humming 'She thinks my tractor's sexy' again ;-) Cause I forgot how much I love being married to a farmer. (I like the song, it's soooo cheezy; HATE the video though) Excuse me ... I need to go wash my eyeballs with bleach ~ YECH!

Note to any husbands out there DO NOT tell your wife you bought a tractor without talking to her; especially when she is PMSing. It doesn't go over well at all, trust me on this one. Luckily I get over things quickly. YMMV.