Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ever had one of those years....

It was busy, it was crazy, it was life.

I did post over at the seed blog today, check it out.

I have plans, seed catalogues, and gardening books, I am a dangerous woman.

Now that we know for sure that we won't be moving this spring out to a farm I can focus on the improvements we'd like to see here in town. Asparagus, for instance. Dh put in new counter tops in the kitchen, he's working on the half-bath. Our sewing room which never saw any sewing in has become our seed room. I can actually find what I am looking for!!! (Um, yes, I do have that much seed. It's embarrassing.) I have plans for a cold room as we just discovered EVERYTHING we put in the old make-shift one has spoiled, not cold enough this mild winter. The canning needs to go somewhere cooler too. Big plans, poor dh.

And I am going to shop, which I rarely do outside of garage sales and second hand shops. I need a new bike able to haul gardening tools 3km up a mountain-side with tubby old me at the pedals. This might take a while for me to convince myself to do. Years maybe.

I'd also like to point out that my life isn't complete without chickens. I was hoping to remedy that by moving. Now that is no longer an option. Chickens are still mainly illegal here-abouts. Maybe this can be changed??? Challenged??? Gotten over???

I have been trying to convince one of the children to go out with me to measure the garden so I can start planning the garden with the addition of the asparagus bed. For some reason none of them want to go out on the busy road side of the house and march about with mommy and a measuring tape in the snow. Weird.

Till spring I'm just going to keep reading seed catalogues, await Sharon Astyk's new book by reading all her old ones, and the really cool books my mom got me for Christmas. Vandana Shiva's 'Stolen Harvest' and Masanobu Fukuoka’s 'The One-Straw Revolution'. And knit socks ... lots of me socks.