Monday, November 24, 2008

OMG! Have you seen this!

The library has a new biking magazine and it's NOT anything like the usual spandex-sporting commercial consumer-fest mags you usually see.

Momentum is 'The Magazine for Self Propelled People' , 'reflecting the lives of people who ride bikes and providing urban cyclist with the inspiration, information, and resources to fully enjoy their riding experience and connect with local and global communities'.

I spent some quality time with the current issue in the library and had to photocopy one article it was so good. I brought the other one home. Bike Porn. Pure and simple. I was up to 2 am reading and noting websites to view later.

Now I'm not a fashion plate so the 'style' issue wasn't something I was going to emulate anytime soon but the articles were interesting. Even the adds, Dutch Bikes, need I say more.

The magazine itself has a website, naturally, at with links to cool things like online articles, see the archive section, and blogs.

The article I photocopied? Helmet Cozies. Think crocheted tea cozy on helmet. Their website: . I found myself digging through my collection of retro-yarn, grabbing a crochet hook, and getting busy. These images are from their website:

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