Thursday, July 22, 2010


Made every one's commute to work a little more surreal this morning.

We live on a main road in town that a lot of people take to work each day. Combine that with deciding to scythe the chicory in the lawn as well as edging the weeds around the front yard garden. Not a sight you see on way to work very often, someone scything their lawn!

One of the walkers thought scything was how we kept our lawn cut. LOL! I told her that I was just cutting the thick weeds that the mower missed, I didn't want her misinformed. [not to mention telling inaccurate stories around the water cooler]

But truly what would you rather have your neighbour do? Lawn mowing and weed-whacking at 6 am? Or reel mowing and scything??

The later are so quite in comparison, not to mention eliminating the whole smell of gas and oil. I know which one the birds prefer!

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