Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Day in the Life

Today was a nice puttery type of day. Started off by hanging 3 loads of laundry just in time for Biblical flooding. It will dry faster on the line than scrunched up in the basket but still!

Next we canned up another ten 2-quart jars of dill pickles, nearly to our goal of 50 jars!

Youngest child and I made an addition to the compost bin by adding another bay. Compost bins can be made for free using pallets wired together with old wire coat hangers. Four pallets and you are set! We kept a pile of last year's leaves to one side of the bin, and grass clippings on the other side. Once we had taken out about 4 buckets of materials from the kitchen we forked a layer of leaves over top and then a layer of grass clippings. This kept the smell down and made for a better pile. Over the summer it kept on cooking down, now that is is cooler it is filled and staying that way. Time for a new pile! We'll let that bay 'cook' til spring and focus our efforts on the new bay. I am hoping to build a third bay on the other side to store the leaves we rake this autumn. If we can find enough for layering and even enough to have a leaf mould pile I'll be thrilled.

We then discovered that you cannot hold the grinder in place while you grind up cucumbers and onions for relish. It really must be screwed to a piece of lumber and clamped to your table. A job for tomorrow for hubby I'm afraid.

For supper we had a lovely array of vegetable dishes, potatoes, zucchini pancakes, cucumber salad, plain cucumbers, tomato salad, plain tomatoes, and dilled carrots YUM YUM! Now that dishes are done our daughter is making dessert, in just a few minutes we'll be enjoying 1/2 hour pudding.

A nice puttery day indeed :o)

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