Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a month!

Sorry I've been absent. We shipped a daughter off to France for the year, took in an exchange student, and had VIP company as well. That plus canning. Still canning (and canning and canning...) but the dust has settled from switching children around and the VIP visit went very well.

I did take pictures of the interesting things we've been up to garden wise. I'll update ASAP. And have to shamefacedly admit .... I've been using the drier this week, trying to keep up laundry-wise while canning and homeschooling. It didn't help that it was raining every day since our student arrived til the first day of school.

I'm thinking about taking this week off of school and just concentrating on canning. I still haven't done cherries! Maybe I can find some at a fruit stand?? And crabapples, and peaches, and .... I need to make a list of folks who will barter for produce/fruit. It really doesn't pay to buy fruit for canning, it's just better quality and a wonderful feeling to have a year's supply in storage.

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