Friday, December 5, 2008

Biking in December?

I'm a people popsicle.

After riding about town today I can't imagine how dh feels after biking to work before the sun is up! Yesterday it was -10 when he headed out.

Our family bikes. Dh, myself, our oldest dd all ride bikes to do our everyday things. The rest of the family pretty much walks. If, and it's a big IF, we head somewhere as a big group we then take the van, 120km for example, makes much more sense in the van. Grandma's in the dark calls for the van.

Once it snows all bets are off though, cold you can bundle for, I barely trust myself to walk on slippery sidewalks, I'm not trying to bike on the roads then. Dh and dd want winter tires for their bikes, I guess they are more hard core than me! I remember people biking in Edmonton in the dead of winter. Now that's dedication.

I have noticed other people still out biking, yesterday at work we had a tourist come in on a fully loaded bike and a couple other folks too. And it gets me, this is CANADA, this is DECEMBER, and we are still biking. LIFE IS GOOD!

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