Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Our family is getting into saving our own seeds. We've had great success with tomatoes and are starting to branch out. Why is this important?

There was a fair bit written this spring and summer on the seed shortage, many companies saw a dramatic increase in sales to the point of running out. Many comments were made that as more people see the wisdom of growing your own this problem will likely increase, comments about getting your orders in before Christmas if you want to be sure of your seed. Sharon Astyk writes "Are We Seeing the Early Signs of a Seed Availability Crisis?" Rhonda Jean over at 'Down-to-earth' writes about seed saving as another step towards self-reliance.

So saving seeds is a good thing, until you start to think about jail time. Seriously.

'That company' has been patenting seeds, even heritage seeds and they aren't shy when it comes to legal action. They have been in the news again harassing farmers and now even seed cleaners. For a good article rounding up links to the pertinent information see 'Daily Kos'

Now I have hundreds of seeds from 8 varieties of tomatoes saved from this year, it was great fun! And I'm thinking it would be nice if we had a seed company here again. Local seed for local folks. 100 mile seeds :o) But at the risk of jail if they just happen to grow something that is patented? Gosh! Who'd take the risk?

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