Thursday, June 11, 2009

Radish Greens???

Lately I've come across recipes for radish greens, really. Are they truly edible???

Dh grows a lot of radishes, 300+ every week in his market garden usually, not this year though as germination has been horrid. If these things are edible we want to know!

Fresh from the garden they are .... unappetizing:

After washing and trimming ....

Well the basket of them left out had children nibbling from it even though they are prickly. Taste verdict from oldest child: 'Like dirt, only greener, not in a bad way.' Strange child. Other children after eating them both raw and cooked said they like them better raw. Might toss a few into the next salad.

One recipe I saw called for them to be cooked in butter and garlic like so:

Yuck, was my thought but then I don't usually eat cooked greens so I have no comparison. Ds ate quite a bit, one dd ate a little and said they were better raw. Personal taste I guess. These were rather old tops, maybe younger ones will be better??

Try them yourself! If you like them - wonderful! If not - no real loss, they were headed to the compost anyways :o)

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

Radish greens are extremely high in vitamin C and calcium. They promote liver heath and stimulate digestion. I like to boil them in water for five minutes to soften. Then add ham cubes, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and cook for a couple more minutes to let flavors meld. I love them but jenny won't touch em.