Monday, June 15, 2009


I am just too thrilled! I've been drooling over Excalibur Food Dehydrators for weeks, months even. They are wonderful, but PRICEY. I read literature on picking out a food dehydrator, looked at various models.... Then one day as I was searching out more information about a Canadian made dehydrator by Berron I came across an online ad for one for sale in a city my in-laws have to drive through to get here. Long story short, older farming couple sizing down were getting rid of a 6 tray Berron for $75! She was thrilled to sell it 'to a good home' and .... bonus .... when she comes across where she stored her steam juicer she'll give my in-laws a shout and it's mine ... for free!!!

It arrived here Friday night:

What a beauty!

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Bunny Chick said...

Oh, lovely! I just got a dehydrator (a convection one) and am thrilled with it so far. I never knew dried apples were so addictive.

Enjoy yours!