Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take-out on the Bike

The last couple times we got take-out I picked it up on the bike. Rather exciting I thought. This time I took it a step further, I phoned them up and asked if I could bring my own containers. After a bit of discussion it was decided that I could, if I brought them ASAP and waited while they cooked our Chinese food.

We've used the some containers for lunches all school year and they have dramatically reduced our garbage. Now we have another use for them!

Loaded them into cloth bags, loaded the bags into my bike basket, and off we went! Love living only 1km from our fave restuarant. I handed the bags off to the wait staff and settled in with good book on micro-farming for the duration. It was ready very quickly, loaded back up in the basket and off home we went.

The only thing we'd change is taking a smaller container for the sweet and sour dipping sauce as it ran into the spring rolls and made them soggy. They snuck those little packets in while my back was turned, NO LITTLE PACKETS PLEASE!

All in all a lovely supper on the for a day when I was parenting solo and trying to get a big project done while dh was away.

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