Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've got Dirt!

Finally, finally, finally we got the garden expansion to the point of getting a dumptruck load of topsoil brought in a few days ago. Weeks it took to dig up the sod in the 28x32 addition to our 16x32 front yard garden. I began to refer to it as eating my elephant one bite at a time. A daunting task.

When the sod was gone we discovered TREE ROOTS massive tree roots. Another week of digging and hacking with an axe. Finally that hurdle was over come and the dirt could be ordered.
As you can see from the photo the rest of the garden has been neglected shamefully during this project. We hadn't planted a thing at this point! The landscape fabric was down for the transpants, and a bunch of self seeded sunflowers had been placed in a horseshoe the the north east corner of the original garden. I'm thinking they will make a nice hidey hole for the littles later this summer.

Now how long did it take us to smooth it out for planting??? .... one shovel full .... one wheel barrow load full .... at a time....

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