Monday, June 30, 2008

My Beautiful Bike

I love my bike.

Simple as that. After being told I'd never ride again to be able to hop an and run my errands on it is pure bliss. I forgot how much I loved it.

My last bike, like dh's, was stolen. It is the sad part about living in town. I was bike less until our second dd bought a new one back in May. I inherited her garage sale bike. It was never good enough for her, I don't think she gave it a chance.

Yes, it is only a 5 speed, and I live in 5th! And it is dull green,but it's a PUCH! A PUCH! WOW!

These folks bought it in England and rode it there lots, moved to Saskatchewan and continued to use it. When they moved here, with all of our hills and mountains, well not so much. We picked it up for $15, a real steal.

Now with the addition of a wire market basket bungee corded to the bike rack it goes everywhere I need to go in town. I can haul groceries, takeout and library books, I even hauled 2 bags of potting soil. (That was a mistake, it was too heavy!)

The first 2 weeks nearly killed me, I haven't been able to exercise for a while and it shows. Now I'm buzzing about happily. It has also cut down on the use of the van and that is a good thing!

I'm glad to be a part of the tipping point for bike use in town. Have you noticed more bikers where you're at? I sure have. Older riders putting-about are my favourite.


Donna said...

Great deal on a great bike! From one biking fan to another...ENJOY!

The Urban Trowel: said...

Thanks Donna! I have to take my 'baby' in for a servicing so I've been using my other bike. It is new and has a tag-a-long for jr. BUT it's just not the same!