Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Potting

Last night I saw my mother's tomato plants, planted after mine and just tossed on a table by a window. She has leaves people, leaves! My babied plants have only cotyledons! That's it. The. Gloves. Are. Off.

Today I bought a new bag of potting soil and potted out cabbage, green peppers, English cucumbers, and more tomatoes. Nothing fancy just used pots of dirt on old take out boxes cut into trays by the window. Ha! Take that you seeds!

I think one reason mine aren't doing as well is because we keep our house cooler than my mother's. I just may have to ditch the parka and turn on the heat. Hubby will be pleased, he is cold blooded and finds my preferred temperature - chilly. My habit of having the window open every night all winter long is especially grating.

I may have to resort to a heated germinating pad like the one hubby uses too. He won't share so I may have to get my own. (On his account at the hardware store naturally.) The seedling adventure continues.

[Just a note in the 3 minutes it has taken me to type this I've yelled 'SHUT THE DOOR!' six or more times. Just did it again. Could explain why I am reluctant to waste money on heating the house, no?]

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Planted today:

California Wonder Green Peppers from William Dam seeds. They had two features I was looking for: open pollination and thick walls. Planted 8 square pots of 4 seeds and 3 round pots of 8 seeds. I'm hoping to grow 48 plants like last year for fresh eating, salsa, spaghetti sauce, and for freezing.

Langedijker Winter Keeper Cabbage also from William Dam Seeds. Promised to be a large winter keeper that retains light colour in storage. I'm hoping to store this in the cold room that isn't built yet. Planted 2 round pots that I will thin to 6 plants each. I am planning for 12 heads.

Glamour Tomatoes from seeds I saved last year. This is my workhorse of tomatoes for canning, salsa, and spaghetti sauce. I am hoping to get some Amish Paste tomatoes somewhere as well for paste and for drying. Planted 7 small pots that will be thinned to one plant each.

Improved Long Green English Cucumbers from Farmer`s Brand bulk seeds at the hardware store. Seeded 3 rectangular pots that I`ll thin to 6 plants each. We really like cucumber salad so I`m going to try to grow these on a trellis in the garden here at the house. Last year I grew English cukes in the greenhouse and they had male and female flowers that never bloomed at the same time and frankly I got tired of having to hand pollinate them, so it`s outside you go for the bees to deal with.

Usually I don`t grow anything that vines and sprawls in my house garden. Hubby does them in his much larger market garden, so that is where our pickling cukes, squash, and pumpkins grow. However, it`s just too much trouble to get a cuke for supper from there!


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