Friday, April 10, 2009

Wasn't today lovely!

After weeks of rain and months of overcast skies it finally cleared off and got warm, YUM!

I was too buy to take advantage of it until today. The baby lettuce and swiss chard that were doing so poorly downstairs went out into the greenhouse:

The oldest ds wanted to have a bunch of friends over for a LAN party so he did some landscaping to butter me up. The nasty patch under the dining room window that gets very weedy every year got weeded, leveled, weed clothed, stepping stoned, and graveled. WOW. He should have groups of friends over more often!

Two of dds cleared out two side flowerbeds for their personal gardens then found the time to clean out and plant the small raised bed in front of the house:

Not to be outdone youngest ds got off his deathbed, he has a cold, and swept the little front path, his own idea!

And we took a load of recycling to the depot. We only got about 1quarter of it done since the children REFUSED to do this all winter. It had piled up in the sunroom a little:

I managed to get the area where we park the bikes cleared out and all the chains oiled. Then before the sun disappeared I gave the front flower beds a good raking and pruning to get all of the dead bits cleared out. Most of the flowers in these are perennials and are starting to push little green shoots up and out. Now it is just a matter of digging out all of the nasty GRASS! Then I can think about the veggie garden YIPPEE!!!

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Daphne said...

There really is nothing like a sunny day in the garden after it has been dreary out. Sadly today is my dreary day.