Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunshine on My Garden Makes Me Happy

I got to dig in the garden yesterday - finally. There is a real need to get the peas in, it's late. I was thinking of how to edge the garden on the side of the pea bed and tried a couple methods before I said 'screw it' and went back to plain dirt.

So the first bed has been weeded, dug, and hilled. The rest of the garden hasn't been touched, there are a lot of weeds and grass that need to be removed before it is worked up, don't want to be spreading those roots!

Yesterday the cabbage seedlings popped up, there might be something to this having the heat on, I'm dying but the plants seem to appreciate it.

Then this morning there is movement in the English cucumber pots:

If this keeps up I might have some new baby plants! I've almost given up on the baby tomatoes. They are not only not growing but have started keeling over.

I'm not a houseplant person, my dd thinks this is why my indoor seedlings are doing so poorly. I should just hand the whole operation over to the 11yo's as they have green-green-thumbs. Their room is filled with lush houseplants they have either purchased or grown themselves from cuttings. The only houseplants I have are ones they have been maintaining. Something about them needing ... water?

When I warned my dd about touching my baby plants she said it wasn't her touching them I should be worried about. Took me a minute to get the very suave insult that that was! LOL!

I admit it, my green thumb is only operational outside.

1 comment:

Amber said...

Your garden bed looks beautiful!

How long did it take for your cabbage seeds to sprout? I just planted mine yesterday...

Sorry to hear about your tomato plants but it sounds like your other ones are coming along!