Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alfalfa Sprouts

My family loves alfalfa sprouts! They are even better when you grow your own instead of buying them at the store. So yesterday I went looking for seeds. None at either of the grocery stores, finally got some at the health food store. They. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding! about the price. OMG! It was $12.38 for 1 cup of alfalfa seed, that just can't be right.

My first reaction was to look online to see about growing our own. I mean really. Someone out there must be doing it because that is just a crazy price. After looking for hours I'm thinking that no one out there grows alfalfa in their home garden for sprouting seeds. I did find lots of info for commercial growers just nothing for small sized growers. I might just have to try this out. Pollination seems to be the only tricky part.

My friend's dh used to grow alfalfa for seed commercially and she thinks it might be doable. Never hurts to try! I'm thinking grow transplants and do a bed just to see.

Today I took the seeds back to the store and had them double check the price ... sure enough they did make an error. She charged me for alfalfa leaf not seed. Uh huh. So it was $5.86 instead, still a lot, just this side of crazy :D

I'm still thinking to try growing my own though.

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