Friday, March 27, 2009

More Tottering

It was lovely warm in the greenhouse again today. I just had to plant something even though we haven't solved the air leakage problems yet.

I put in two rows each of spinach, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, and beets. Then I put radishes in between the rows as they will mature and be pulled before they are crowding the others. These are short rows the depth of the planting bed so only about 4 or 5 plants per row. We use a full head of lettuce for one salad usually so they won't be too much for us. Also when we are growing our own we pull only the outer leaves and let the inner ones grow larger.

I'm quite disappointed with how the seedlings are growing under the lights right now, I think they have stalled out. Hopefully these outdoor plantings will do better.

I'd post photos but the camera has dissappeared and even the teenager hasn't a clue as to where it has gotten off to.

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Ottawa Gardener said...

Yeah, around this time of year, the light in our house shifts so that the windows that are in full sun during the start of the seeding season are in part sun around now. This gave me the idea to start hardening off my plants way early (sometimes under plastic cover) as long as the ambient air temp was at least 6C. When it comes to alliums and swiss chard, they go out as long as there's no frost. At night, I bring them in until just before planting time. The to-fro is a pain but it solves the stall problem.