Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seedy Saturday

Today was Seedy Saturday! Our first I believe. There were two presenters Brenda Lukasiewich on the basics of seed saving and Dan McMurray of Grunt and Grungy's Garden on tomato seed saving. He and his wife maintain 700 varieties of tomatoes on their small acreage. Their blog links to albums showing how they germinate, grow, save and store their seeds.

Afterwards you could peruse the offerings at the exchange and seed sale. McMurray's were giving away packets of tomato seeds. Jon offered various flower seeds from his gorgeous garden for donations to the Relay for Life. Malcolm was manning a table of seeds from Salt Spring Seeds. The college had a table offering seeds too and display of their various gardening courses and programs. The Food Action Coalition was signing up folks and offering brochures listing local sources for local foods. The Grain CSA folks(see a video here)were showing off their grains and offering memberships. There were other folks offering seeds and Jennie from Straight From Earth had a table of locally made organic bakery items for sale.

I ended spending way too much BUT did get some interesting varieties of beans, Aztec Red and Beurre De Roquencourt, as well as tomatoes, Aladdin's Lamp, Rhodes Heirloom, Lemon-Lean, and White Beefstake. I also got a couple packets of flower seeds, and now that I've got them home I've noticed that they are unlabeled. Mystery seeds :o) I'm sure one was Calendula and the other??? Maybe the-grandma-who-knows-everything will be able to help me out, heck forget the maybe, she'll know.

I went to take photos and found the memory card was missing, no memory. I'm sure the college will have photos up soon.

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