Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seeding Tomatoes

I couldn't resist. It is a little early for seeding tomatoes, should be around the 24th but I am planting some in the green house and others in plastic covered towers so I did want an early start. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Out to the greenhouse I went to get another plug tray to fill.

These tomatoes will need careful tagging so as not to get the varieties mixed up. think ... think ... think ... Milk jug plastic would be great but I'm worried about the names rubbing off the smooth surface. So step one is to cut out a strip of the side plastic and step two is to rough it up with sandpaper so the ink doesn't rub off. Then cut it into strips with points. And ta-da! plant markers.

I got out the seeds I saved from tomatoes last year, the seeds I got on freecycle, and the ones I picked up yesterday from McMurrays at Seedy Saturday.

In all I'm potting-out 12 varieties, 6 plants each. All in neat rows in their tray.

Once done they're off to the grow table behind the hot water boiler we heat with. Our old cat lives on top of the boiler, the warmest place in the house LOL! The seeds should be nice and warm there.

The varieties planted:

From McMurrays - White Beefsteak, Lemon-Lean, Rhodes Heirloom, Aladdin's Lamp

From Freecycle - Gospodar, Persimmon, Stupice

From our garden - Sub-Arctic Maxi, Brandywine, Black Krim, Sicilian Saucer, Glamour

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