Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Corn is coming up!

Finally. Though what do you expect when it gets planted so late. Still these are my baby corn and I am so pleased.

Also managed to get most of the garden addition mulched with grass clippings. I need another load or two to finish the addition and freshen the mulch in the original garden.

Today I hoed the garden, crawled around and hand weeded most of the new flowerbed, and gave the Lemon Boy Tomatoes a leg up in their tomato cages. I trellised them by tieing a garden cord around their bases, winding it around them like the tomatoes in the greenhouse, and tieing it to the top of the tomato cages. They were just coiling themselves up in the bottom of the cages and not heading UP. Silly things. The other tomatoes seem to know what to do, as did last year's that outgrew the cages, even the tall cages.

My mom phoned today to say the beans I was admiring in her garden just 2 days ago are now just little bean sticks due to deer. Poor things! I told her I think we'd have plenty to share. Another advantage of living in town, no deer. She signed off muttering about deer fencing....

We are now on water restrictions, expect to see the grass around the garden getting more and more crispy. Luckily we still get to water, just only on certain days and at certain times. I'm sure last year's instance, when I was moving a non-functioning sprinkler out of the way, and the water police came to a (I kid you not) SCREECHING halt in front of me will be funny one day. Once the trauma fades. I am now VERY careful to stay FAR away from anything resembling a watering apparatus on my non-watering days.

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