Friday, July 25, 2008

flowers by bike

It was time to pull out the lettuce from the south facing front flower bed. It was great to plant lettuce in it way back in late March but now in late July ... the lettuce is all bitter and bolting, time to go.

My two youngest daughters and myself hopped on our bikes and headed to the greenhouse down by grandma's house. We have just expanded our biking range to 4 kms from home. If a destination is within that distance from the house you need a really good excuse to be using the van. With the basket on the bike and this trip only being 3 km from home it was deemed bike-able. A quick look around found some heat and sun loving flowers to fill the bed with. I bought a flat and the girls each got a plant too.

We must have been a sight as we biked up the highway home. "That lady is nuts, she has a window box planted on her bike!"

And what is with the honking of the horn when passing cyclists??? It is always someone with license plates from other provinces or from the USA. Is there conspiracy to spook cyclists out there? The first time was when I was pulling ds on his tag-a-long flying down a hill with the two girls in front of us. We nearly had a collective heart-attack. It's nerve racking enough biking on the highway in this tourist traffic herding fairly new cyclists without random honking. Around here the only honking we usually hear are the 'Hey! How are you!' type. The cheerful toots of small town life. Rarely do we get the 'WAKE UP YOU GIT THE LIGHT HAS CHANGED!' honks. I'm at a loss about what these bike honkers are trying to say.

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