Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More environmentally sound ... only with a rock!

We were discussing laundry at work one day. My boss, single and childless, and a co-worker, only one child, were shocked by how much laundry I do. Four loads every day! But HEY! I use a front loading machine, only full loads, always wash in cold water, and hang to dry. I pointed out that I could be more environmentally friendly only if I did them with a rock!

I fit these loads of laundry onto an umbrella style clothes line on the corner of our deck. It is easy to get to, was easy to install, and doesn't take up much room.

To install it I simply placed the opened umbrella in the corner of the deck and stretched a bungee cord at the top of the railing and at the bottom encircling the post on the way around the corner. Too keep the end of the post from digging into your deck as it spins it would be a good idea to put a board or something under it. Take down in late fall and re-installation in the spring is an ease. Alas we cannot dry clothes outside in winter, unless we are willing to do the frozen like boards long john thing like you've seen in pictures of winters in Canada's past. It might come to that eventually, but not yet.

To fit 4 loads on the line I sag t-shirts and towels instead of stretching them out, only use every other string for better air circulation and let the loads hang all day.

I usually take down and fold the previous day's loads after the supper dishes are done. It is pleasantly cool outside by them and I enjoy it. I start the first load of the day before I start supper and then keep the machine chugging until that days loads are done. The children do help by hauling dirty laundry to the machine and clean laundry to the line. I selfishly keep the chore of hanging it to myself. By my bedtime I have 4 loads out there that can enjoy the summer heat during the next day while I avoid it.

The umbrella style clothes line holds more laundry than the line on wheels we had at the farm, interesting. Also it came with thin plastic tubing for the lines. These broke after the second year, but (and this is interesting too) the replacement line we purchased at the hardware store has metal wire in the core that is much stronger and has lasted a long time. I'm quite pleased with it really.

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