Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is that dirty sheet doing in their garden???

Our neighbours are probably wondering what we are up to now. It does look like a dirty sheet lying in the garden held down by rocks. What can they expect from people who garden their front yard!

It isn't a dirty sheet though, it's floating row cover protecting the brassica bed. I did get the cabbages and broccoli transplants in that my boss grew in the community greenhouse. She grew too many for herself and so they found a home with us. Many got planted in the market garden but a snagged a few for here at home.

The worst part about growing brassicas are the bugs. Tossing a floating row cover over them keeps the moths off. If they can't lay eggs on the plants we don't get the caterpillars/worms that are a bit shocking on the plate. Dh uses floating row cover extensively on the farm. It is also great for keeping the bugs out of the radishes. Those little brown tunnels are caused by pests that are laid by moths. He harvests over 400 radishes a week that need to be saleable and organic. He buys a lot of FRC. Big rolls.

My mom and dh's folks were so impressed with dh's FRC we bought them their own for Christmas. It is lovely having parents who garden, easy to buy for. Happy birthday ... have a hoe!


Elizabeth said...

I didn't realize it was you! Thank you so much for directing me to your blog!

The Urban Trowel: said...

I was wondering if you'd take the bait :o)

I'm thrilled to see you here!