Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It'll be fun! Right?

Monday our youngest started attending Young Naturalists for the first time as an all-day'er. Very exciting. Full days for a whole week in the marsh and in the woods learning all about our local environment.

When we arrived at the centre our dear friend Erich was manning the gift shop. "Did you two bike out?" he asked with a grin. I had to admit we didn't, 11 km out then to turn around and peddle them back towing an empty tag-a-long seemed a bit much. He did though ... and he lives much further than the 11 km's away we do ... but he bikes everywhere (I whined to myself).

I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Hmmmm... ds and I do bike about 8 km every night. It is cooler in the morning. I could still drive out and pick him up in the van in the heat of the day. We could TRY it one day... we might even like it! Other than the big hills an the ride home it is pretty flat. The traffic in the morning isn't all that bad.

By morning I was convinced to give it a go. We left an hour before his programme started. Peddle peddle peddle peddle ....... I'm sure that boy isn't pulling his weight back there! peddle peddle peddle ..... Is there a head wind or is it just me? peddle peddle peddle ... gasp gasp gasp!

Going over the final bridge we could hear a big truck frantically braking and gearing down behind us. There was oncoming traffic so he couldn't go around us and we didn't have any shoulder to ride on. "We're going to get creamed!!" Then the irony, he passed us and it was a milk truck!

We didn't take the time to stop and pick up the cool dead butterflies or dragon flies we saw nor the big stack of important looking paperwork by the roadside. Someone is missing those I'll bet! We were on a mission and on a deadline.

I dropped ds off with his group and turned around for the trip home. I can do this. Gag my butt hurts, I now understand biking shorts, the seam in these Capri's are killing me! If I take off my pants will my undies look enough like shorts?? na. peddle peddle peddle. HEY! This is easier! Ds wasn't pulling his weight back there. The empty tag-a-long isn't that bad. The hills are though!

Hey! Cool hawk! Why is it circling me? Potential road kill meal?

Dead crow.
Dead robin.
Dead deer.
Dead mouse.

I'm seeing a pattern here!

Lots of stops for water and gasping breaks.

HEY! Cool vista. Nice array of native grasses and wildflowers and ... invasive weeds. Somebody should pull those.

Lots of hay fields, grain fields, cattle in fields, and an amazing amount of smoke from some not too distant forest fires, can't see them but it is hazy throughout the valley. Too bad I didn't think to bring the camera.

I finally made it to dh's workplace. Maybe he has a delivery truck heading out that could take me up the final hilly 4 km's home. No such luck! I think I can, I think I can....

I did have to get off and push up a couple short but steep hills. One I usually do ride up but not at the end of this ride! (Dh does bike commute this every day, down hill to work and uphill home in the heat of the day.)

I finally get home 2 and 1/2 hours after leaving. GASP! When I drive out to pick up ds latter I notice he is very tired and grumpy. I think the bike on top of the hiking programme is too much. pity. I do need to spend my cool morning in the garden though so the loss of 2 1/2 hours was a bit much! Still ....

WE DID IT!!!! I can't wait to tell Erich ;o)

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