Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MY first tomatoes.

Well ds had his day in the sun with his winning of the first tomato of the season. Today my fist tomatoes were ready, two of them, from my 'sub-artic maxi's' in the greenhouse. I'd post a picture of them, the greenhouse plant and its sister plant in the garden but dd dropped our camera. sigh.

Also picked today, one yellow and one green zucchini. Two green peppers are growing but not yet ready to pick. I'm worried they are a hot peppers and not sweet peppers like they were labeled.

I can't wait until the yellow tomatoes are ready. I can't eat the red ones so I'm really excited when the yellow ones ripen. Tomato everything! I'll be pulling out lots of tomato recipes soon.

Also the big kids were to pick the raspberries today so I could make jam. They are going to have a do-over on that one. They missed a lot! It's okay as I was too pooped to jam today anyways ... and I found a bunch of freezer jam that grandma had made for us. So we are not out of jam anymore. I'll be putting the jarred jam off limits until the freezer jam is consumed.

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